Barbara Baron is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and current President of NSA New Jersey chapter.  She has more than 30 years of experience in food and nutrition counseling for individuals, employers and organizations of all kinds. Let Barbara put her  expertise to work for you today!

Workplace Wellness

In addition to providing valuable nutritional insight for individuals, Barbara has a proven track record with customized packages for employee groups and workplace programs. Whether you have a small office with three people or a multi-location corporation of thousands, Barbara can provide a valuable employee benefit.

She’ll customize a program for your organization, and help employees focus on their health and wellness to increase efficiency and productivity at home and at work… for themselves and their families.

With Barbarba’s coaching, your group will find themselves living happier, and becoming their own “MVP” through learning how to make simple steps that lay the foundation for Moderation, Variety and Planning – one meal at a time!


Learn more about Barbara’s Workplace Wellness programs, now.

Custom Presentations

As a long-time Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Family Meals Dietitian, Barbara is highly sought-after to share her insight with individuals, community organizations, corporate groups, teams and many others. Health professionals are a specialty for Barbara, but she has years of experience bringing fresh new ideas to people in all walks of life.

Listed here are just a few of the Presentation topics she has delivered to groups like yours over the years. You can schedule any or all of these, or work with Barbara to develop a completely customized presentation to address the specific concerns of your organization. Let’s talk about the details soon!

Stamina for Success

  • What 3 steps can you do today to boost your energy?
  • Which foods best fuel productivity at work and home?
  • Can snacking really work for me?

Brighter Minds, Brighter Futures – with Breakfast!

  • Why is that first morning meal so important?
  • What power nutrient is most satisfying?
  • What easy breakfast foods make the Grade for you, and your family?

Happy Healthy Memorable Family Meals

  • How are you making mealtimes memorable?
  • Is it better to serve family style, buffet, or plate your food?
  • Can you really enjoy a 3-course meal – guilt free?

Be “YOUR” Best to help them be “THEIR” Best

  • Is it really possible to focus on your health first?
  • How can you live with intent and be ready to take simple “Action”?
  • Which foods make a meal, and how a meal “makes” or “breaks” you?

Family Meals without Breaking the Bank (or Your Back)!

  • What 3 meal planning tools can you use for your busy family?
  • How can food shopping circulars spell meal savings?
  • How can family meals help healthy bodies & stories thrive?