Italian Summer Squash- GooGOOTZ

GooGootz: Grandma’s Italian Summer Squash Recipe

2-Italian Squash – Cucuzza (long Italian summer squash aka GoogGOOTZ) about 2 feet long
5 -Potatoes, large – Russet variety works well
1-Onion, large
8-ounce can, Italian tomato sauce.
2-ounces, Olive Oil
3 ½- cups, Water (you can substitute with chicken broth, low sodium)

Peel the potatoes. Cut in 4 inch pieces. Placing  potato horizontally on cutting board.cut in half. Cut each half in half, again.

  Set aside.
Peel the Cucuzzo with a vegetable peeler. Cut into 2-3 inch round pieces, then cut again in half so you have half moon shapes. Set aside.



Peel and slice the onion. Set aside with the squash and potatoes.

Heat oil on medium heat in a 6 quart pot.  Add potatoes and onions and saute for about 15 minutes. Stir frequently so potatoes don’t stick to pan.




Add 8-ounce can of tomatoe sauce and continue to sautee until potatoes begin to soften on the outside.

Then add the cucuzza squash and the water into pot over the vegetables.

Add salt and pepper  to taste in pot or in your bowl.

Stir frequently and cook until potatoes and squash are tender (not mushy). About another 35 minutes.
Serve in a pasta or soup bowl. Add grated cheese, if desired.


Cucuzza also called the”baseball bat squash” because of its shape..


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