Cruise at a Comfortable Altitude with This Snack Hack!

Are you flying this Spring or Summer? Whether you are flying for vacation or your job, airport eating can be a challenge. This is a sneak peak of snack-hacks that I recently shared in an article to be published in Speaker Magazine, for members of the National Speakers Association who must have runway ready snacks for flying.

  • Protein — Satisfies! Pack a single serve nut butter pack for protein power to   keep you satisfied longer between meals.
  • Fiber — Keeps you regular when your flights are irregular!  Choose fiber rich easy portable fresh fruits that come in their own natural packages that won’t smush in your carry-on.  For example, yellow bananas (not overripened), apples, or seedless Clementine.
  • Water — plain or naturally flavored — to hydrate. Dehydration may make you groggy or give you a headache — not great when you need energy to focus on work or keep up with your children on flights. Limit caffeinated beverages with added sugar.

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