I am so excited to share my new book, Called to LeadSuccess Strategies for Women. It is a true collaboration. I am honored to be invited by NSA Hall of Fame Speaker Pegine Echevarria, CEO President and Founder of Power Women Worldwide, to be part of this journey among 17 gifted women leaders across the globe in creating this fabulous book!

My Chapter, "ABBONDANZA!!! Food, Family, and Faith" supports your belonging and belief in yourself and being a role model for your children! I share my spirit of abundance connecting this trio of food, family, and faith, transforming confidence from the kitchen to the boardroom. I hope you feel inspired to lead after reading my chapter and the chapters of my fellow authors, remarkable women leaders.

“ABBONDANZA! Break bread with family and friends together around the table. You will nourish your mind, body, and soul with confidence and compassion!” – Barbara Baron, MS, RDN,CDN,FAND

Called to Lead addresses your leadership calling, giving you the developmental skills you need to thrive and the mind shift you must have to succeed as a leader.

Invest in your natural leadership calling so you can face more complex issues, have a more abundant, exhilarating life, be at peace, be refreshed, and be confident in your calling.


                     ✦ The Power of Being Called to Lead     ✦ The Power of Self Mastery in Leadership.    ✦ The Power of Influential Leadership.                                               ✦ The Power of Emotions and The Mind in Leadership.    ✦ The Power of Leadership Love

Every Chapter Includes:

Passion and Story

Each author has a different leadership journey and passion. Diversity is key to learning. Each leader's value is her story. Knowing a person’s power enables you to grow yours.


A personal quote the author created for herself—one she lives by.


As your advisor, she shares her advice for your journey as a leader.

Action Steps

Steps you can take within the next 24 hours to one week to make a difference in your life and leadership. 



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Reading the insights of eighteen leaders sharing their expertise and wisdom about how they lead, tips for the reader and real usable advice from the trenches was educational. Looking forward to sharing this book with our talent development program and women’s leadership program.

Jessica George

Vice President Relationship Manager

Called to Lead is for women who are leaders as well as women who want to be leaders. Called to Lead is a roadmap for success told in diverse stories and voices. The women in this book share their path to leadership, their words to live by as well as the path you can follow to step into your own powerful leader mode

Sandy Weaver

Program Director, Center for Workplace Happiness

This book gave me insight and wisdom to grow as a leader. My natural leadership received a boost after reading this book. Now I want my senior leaders to read it, they can use the advice too.


Human Resource Benefits Leader